Research Areas

From Molecules to Neurons

(Anderson, Bronner, Gradinaru, Hong, Kennedy, Lester, Lois, Oka, Prober, Sternberg, Zinn)
Molecular mechanisms of neural development; cell specification; axon guidance and synaptogenesis; ion channels, transporters, and receptors; structure and function of synapses; molecular genetics of behavior.

From Neurons to Behavior

(Adolphs, Allman, Andersen, Anderson, Dickinson, Gradinaru, Hong, Lois, Meister, Oka, Prober, Shimojo, Siapas, Sternberg, Tsao, Wagenaar)
Function of neural circuits; neural coding of information; visual processing;  object recognition;  perception of space and motion in primates; neural mechanisms of emotional behavior; mechanisms of sleep; learning and memory; complexity and control in brain architecture;  evolution of brain and behavior in primates; psychophysics of human perception, cognition, and action; human social behavior.

Neuroscience of Brain Disorders

(Adolphs, Allman, Andersen, Gradinaru, Lester, Sternberg)
Human brain imaging and neuropsychiatric disease; neural prosthetics; deep brain stimulation; interations of brain and immune system; mouse models of neurological disease.


(Andersen, Anderson, Dickinson, Gradinaru, Hong, Lois, Meister, Shapiro, Siapas, Tsao, Wagenaar)
Genetic tools for activating, silencing, and tracing neural circuits; optogenetic applications; multi-electrode devices; wireless recording; non-invasive brain stimulation; large-scale data analysis; computational modeling.